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Jarkko Felin
Jarkko Felin

CEO, director, cinematographer, editor, producer

felin {at}

+358 40734 0274

 Jarkko's other areas of expertise are script writing, animation, graphic design, copywriting, sound design, composing and sound post-productions.

Sami Virkki
Sami Virkki

Audio producer

Sami's other areas of expertise are sound design, recording, mixing, sound effects, copywriting and voice overs.

Väinö Weckström
Väinö Weckström

Actor-director, script writer, producer

weckstrom {at}

Väinö's other areas of expertise are voice overs, copywriting, casting, drone shooting and content.

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Fishcock Films Company Oy

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2krs, 15110 Lahti

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